Day 217: The Thrill of Authenticity

Tonight Chris wanted to do things differently. Well, he “tried” and “tried” to write a blog post, but so far it has been 45 minutes and he still hasn’t gotten something satisfactory. He just read an older post — this one here— that was coming from Us, his “higher self,” or Inner Being, or, if you will, his own personal Abraham. He was impressed by how “wise” he was over four years ago when he wrote this. He is continually reminded when he reviews old blog posts how “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” He still writes about the same topics over and over again: running, reading, the Law of Attraction, Abraham, investing… and being happy.

There’s a continuity here that surprises Chris. How can it be that a few years later he’s writing about the same topics, in much the same manner as he was four years ago? Hasn’t he gotten wiser? You’d think maybe he would progress!

We are saying this playfully, not because we think this, but because a part of Chris does. And so, we thought it would be fun to sort of “take over” here, with his permission, of course, and address a few things.

How does this sound, Chris?

Uh… okay sure. I have already embarrassed myself enough with these Abraham-esque posts, so why not a little more?!

Why not indeed! Of course, we are not forcing anything here. You are the one typing these words 🙂


So we will take this as a sign that you approve. On we go…

Throughout Chris’s process of blogging, there has been a continuous thread: letting his inspiration shine through. Not censoring himself, not holding back, letting himself think what he thinks, know what he knows. We applaud this authenticity, and we know it takes courage… even to this day, so many hundreds of posts later. Is that true, Chris?

Yes, especially a post like this. I feel like I’m a weirdo and this is uncomfortable… but I also like it, because it’s honest and true and sort of thrilling 🙂

Yes… thrilling. That’s a good word for it. To thrill. To revel. To rejoice. To enjoy. To be happy. It’s thrilling to be true to You, isn’t it? That’s the message we want to share here. It’s thrilling to be true to Yourself, and really, no less will do! If you want to be happy, you must be true to yourself. If you aren’t true to yourself, you won’t be happy.

Thank you. Are we done?

Do you want to be?

Well, I’m a little uncomfortable and stuff. Is there more to say?

Always. What would you like to hear?

Well, I will just say that even though it’s a little uncomfortable, I do like the thrill of authenticity 🙂 Many thanks for the reminder.

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