Day 212: Today’s Appreciations

I’m definitely in an appreciative mood, so creating today’s lists of appreciations is a no-brainer 🙂

Things I’m Appreciating

  • Charr and I visiting my brother and his family in the Bay Area yesterday. My bro and I went on a nice run, and we got to hang out with our niece, who is 3 years old and a bundle of joy. Feeling: appreciative, joyful, happy, connected, loving.
  • Going swimming this morning. Feeling: free, happy, appreciative, satisfying.
  • Enjoying a nice breakfast of “ambrosia.” Feeling: satisfying, tasty, nourishing, joyful.
  • Having a sense of space today to chill. Am planning to go to the cafe (!), and later have dinner with my wife. Update later in the day: both of these things happened, and were quite satisfying.
  • All the wonderful things I am learning about happiness, about influencing my mood with my focus, and about attracting what I want in life.
  • Having a wonderful relationship with an amazing woman 🙂

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