Day 100: The Power of Scheduling

I have been writing recently about balancing marathon training with the rest of life (my last update was here). This has been going well. However, today I realized I needed to get serious about organizing my life over the next few months so I can handle my priorities. In particular, I have three looong runs coming up: a 26-miler this weekend, a 29-miler three weeks after that, and the “Big One”* three weeks after that. In addition, I have a play I’m helping out with, some family related events, and of course, teaching my piano students.

All in all, it was getting overwhelming not having a clear plan. Happily, I sat down at the cafe today and did the thinking work that needed to get done. I got clear not only on what I want to do, in some cases also what I don’t want to do. For instance, with the play I realized what time I can offer without undue inconvenience. I had to be honest with myself. Thinking this through took a little while and wasn’t without discomfort. However, it helped.

Now I have a clear plan of arranging things so I can accomplish my priorities with a smile on my face 🙂

I am appreciating the power of scheduling from a clear sense of what feels good for me.

*The California International Marathon, December 4th, 2022, though at “only” 26.2 miles, technically it is shorter than my upcoming 29-miler.

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