Day 94: Favorite Blog Topics and Posts

#1 My Favorite Topics to Blog About

I’ve written a lot of posts on this blog covering many topics, yet there are common themes that I keep coming back to. You can tell what my favorite topics are by looking at top categories on this blog. Notice the high number of posts about each of these:

Here are the runner ups:


  1. Occasionally I have changed the category titles. For instance, “Running and Health” used to be “Health and Exercise,” I believe. Since I’m such an avid runner, “running” seemed more relevant and specific. Another example: back when I was doing my first 365 day blogging project, “Blogging” used to be “365 Day Blogging Project.”
  2. “Shenanigans & Ruminations” is a catch-all category for topics that are wacky, funny, unusual, or unusually “thinky.”
  3. It’s not uncommon for posts to be in multiple categories. One reason “Personal Growth” has so many entries is because so many posts across multiple topics broadly relate to personal growth. I’m not surprised: this is after all a personal happiness blog 🙂

#2 Some Favorite Posts

Although I have written many posts that I am proud of, these posts are still among my favorite:

Day 18: My Money Management Fetish (from August 21, 2018)

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What I love about this post: I love writing about personal finance. And I love writing about my life. This post combines both, weaving a little narrative about how (I think) I got to be a spreadsheet-obsessed finance geek 🙂

Day 81: How Dissatisfaction, Food Poisoning, and a TV Show Brought Me to Intermittent Fasting (from October 23, 2018)

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What I love about this post: Not only is this one of my favorite titles of all my posts (!), I love this example of me finding something I was aligned with and then making a positive change in my life. The story of how I got into Intermittent Fasting is also a lot of fun. What’s even better is how it helped me lose and keep off 30 pounds, be happier about myself, and become a better runner in the process.

Day 116: Does Your Money Situation Have Integrity? (from November 27, 2018)

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What I love about this post: I have long been a fan of integrity. I believe in “doing complete work and doing things the way they were meant to be done.” This post combines this interest with my thoughts about money, which obviously should be handled with integrity. Most of all, bringing integrity to our finances has brought and continues to bring me great joy in life.

The Habits That Save Me From Myself (from June 6, 2020)

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What I love about this post: This post still stands out to me of its candor. I admitted that I didn’t naturally love to read as a kid. Yet through a competitive spirit and desire to achieve, I challenged myself to read books and got hooked. This is fun for me to recall here. I also love thinking about the topic of habits, which are so impactful in our lives.

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