Day 83: The Day Before…

The Day before…

I admit it. I feel distracted today, preoccupied, like a bear in hibernation, or a computer on standby, I just want to chill.

I skipped out on going to the cafe this morning, opting to go back to bed.

I worked on a composition, and though something came out, I stopped in the middle of it, which is pretty rare. I usually feel a sense of complete work, at least for that day. Today I didn’t have the energy for it.

I’m reminded of how I feel before a big performance. I’m keyed up. I have a rehearsal tonight for a play and I’m conserving any extra energy for that occasion.

Meanwhile, all roads lead to tomorrow. The number “23” is writ in big letters across my mind. As in “23 miles to run tomorrow!”

Happily, I had a huge double plate of rice with chicken and vegetables, and my wife brought home ice cream sandwiches (which are good for the spirit!).

So close now.

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