Day 59: “Satisfy Yourself” (Original Poem)

Selfishness gets a bad rap in our society. It is often associated with greedy, injustice, or cruelty to others. Like many things, it is viewed in extreme forms. Yet to me, that is not true selfishness. That is unhappiness.

Personally, I subscribe to the Abraham notion of selfishness: caring enough about how you feel to do what feels good to you.

Happiness comes from satisfying yourself. Because if you don’t, who will?

"Satisfy Yourself" 

I have a passion for satisfaction
I permit no distraction, it's what I'm attractin'
That's why I'm in action on my own behalf with
each passage I put in this collection

This is CWiggz! territory and I'm the director
I win the election cuz I'm the only elector
I'm Chief Protector, the big Kahuna
Fishing for tuna inside this lagoon where

the imagination dwells, fascination swells
as I anticipate each spell that I
cast in this internet tome of thoughts and prayers
Is this all a dare? You got me there!

I was called to bear my soul in this post,
Make the most of my time in an earthly host
Spirit ghost in manifest form
Happiness warms my heart as I tear apart

backwards norms, I mastered the art of the
Inner journey, I'm not in a hurry,
I say no to the sin of worry,
I'm living for the chance to enjoy,

Like when I was a boy, just playing with toys
Praising the skies, how amazing am I!
I'm taking my time as I aim for the highs
Life is great and I make sure it satisfies!

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