Day 37: Allowing My Way to Enjoying “Masterclass”

I believe I am getting better at “allowing.” This is a term that Abraham-Hicks mentions a lot. They call it the “Art of Allowing.” My way of understanding this that instead of trying to make things happen in our life, we get into a state where we are inspired first and then take action accordingly. This idea of inspired action is so much more powerful and effective than forced action.

Allowing is about Ease. It is about Inspiration. It is about Flow. Sure, sometimes we gotta “warm up” to the inspired state. Abraham calls this “calibrating.” You calibrate to what you want by getting your thoughts focused on what you want. When you build thought momentum, you are preparing yourself to receive new insights and inspiration that will get guide you down the path towards what you want. This is not the same as forcing yourself to think about something that feels bad to you. That won’t work!

These days, I’m learning to allow. Yet even I have had to let go of forced effort sometimes.

Case in point: a few years back, I idealistically bought us a subscription to Masterclass. Masterclass, as you may know, is the online platform where celebrities and renowned experts in different fields give masterclasses in their specialty. So you have Steve Martin teaching comedy and Alicia Keys teaching songwriting. I was always interested in this service. In fact, when it first started, I did the Hans Zimmer film scoring course.

So when we bought the subscription, my wife and I did one course and then…. I… just… couldn’t… make myself do anymore! Yet there I had paid for it for the whole year and everything. But I was just resistant to it. There I was pressuring myself to do it. It was something I thought I “should” do (we know where that gets us!). This attitude sucked the fun out of it!

Yet I decided to try just relaxing about it instead. That year went by, and I didn’t listened to another Masterclass. When it was time to renew the subscription, I almost cancelled it. But I talked to Charr, and we decided to keep it. Something awesome happened: suddenly I was interested in listening to the classes! By letting it go for awhile, my inspiration to use this resource built naturally in me. Since then I have listened to at least five Masterclass courses!

The key was this Allowing piece. Before, I badgered myself and attempted to force myself to do something, rather than being inspired to do it. It was a “should,” a task, a chore. But when I relaxed about it and let it be, eventually I found myself inspired to take it on. Because it is something I really wanted to do all along! I was interfering with the process by trying to force myself before I was ready. When I stopped doing that, my natural enthusiasm returned.

Allowing works so much better!

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