Day 31: Just Keep Going…!

This feeling of forward momentum has come over me lately.

And a thought that keeps going on in the back of my mind: “Just keep going. Just keep going. You’ll get somewhere good.”

Maybe it’s the influence of my viral Youtube video (which today hit 3 million views!) That experience has boosted my confidence that, yes, I can and do reach people. And since that video is four years old, it reminds me to give things time to take root.

It’s a variation on the slow and steady approach. It didn’t necessarily seem easy back then, but I built my Youtube channel one video at a time over many years, putting up over 70 videos. I didn’t really think much of being “successful” at it. I just kept putting up things. Sometimes I was trying “to market” myself, with mixed results. Sometimes, as with the Charlie Chaplin video, I did it for the joy of creation.

Now THAT worked!

And that’s what I do here 🙂

The viral video win encourages me to think, “Well, why not just share more things? Who knows what could happen!”

That’s my mindset with these daily blog posts. The first time I did the 365 Day Blog, it was a big deal to bear down and just keep publishing each day no matter what. I take nothing for granted, but I think I’m more comfortable now with the process.

And I’m sure that something good is coming out of it…

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