Marathon Training Update #2

First off, let me say that it is somewhat weird to be updating this after two weeks of not posting.* How quickly one can get out of practice ;).

The running is going well since my first marathon training update.

Specifically, I am:

  • Adjusting to the Training App. I’m happy to say that I made friends with “Running with Hal,” the training app by Hal Higdon that I am using for my marathon training. Once I upgraded the app to the paid program, I was able to adjust my numbers, such as previous speeds, etc. The app quickly adjusted in kind with much less restrictive speeds. I was no longer getting a “D” for running fast! This immediately made the experience more positive.
  • Looking forward to my runs! Having light running days and ample rest days makes me even more super-charged for my runs. I find myself anticipating my long runs and pace runs. Case in point: I’m running 12 miles tomorrow morning, and though I didn’t run today, thinking about tomorrow’s run has kept me in eager anticipation all day.
  • Growing into marathon shoes. It is exciting to be in a training program that promises to stretch me and leads to the ultimate running destination… 26.2 miles!
  • Working out in the back yard. At first it was quite awkward, but I’m getting used to the planks, sit-ups, crunches, and even the burpees (!). This workout is a nice option on non-running days.

On the contrasting (ie not so positive) side:

  • It feels like a lot of resting. Two out of the four runs are so far very light (3 miles at a slower pace), and I have three days a week where I’m not supposed to run. To do some cross training, I went on a walk on Wednesday with a friend, and that was enjoyable. Yet my weekly mileage is still lower than I’m used to (24 miles for this week, versus the 30+ miles per week I was used to over the last few months of last year), and as a result there have been times where I have been a bit antsy to want to exert more (!).
  • Zip Fizz withdrawal? This is not directly a result of the marathon training. For several years I have happily mixed Zip Fizz with water after my runs. It is delicious and I think of it as nutritious and revitalizing, replenishing me with electrolytes and other good stuff. Recently I have been seeing a connection with getting head aches on days when I don’t drink it. WTF? For a couple weeks now I have been limiting using the stuff to longer run days. I’m still a fan and plan to keep drinking it (just bought three boxes of it on sale at Costco!), but I plan to be free of needing it to have a happy head, thank you very much!

*In case you’re wondering, yes I am taking a pause from the daily blogging. It wasn’t something I consciously planned to do, but once the new year hit, I realized it felt like a good idea after two and a half months of daily posts. I have no time line about returning to daily blogging, but I am confident that when I do I will enjoy it with gusto, as I always have!

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