Practicing Being Flexible

(I typed this post last week while my blog was down. I intended to publish it as soon as the blog was back up. So here we are. Light-editing done to my original draft).

Okay, so for today’s post, I’m typing into a “notes” file on my computer. My blog is currently down, apparently experiencing some debugging-related issue. Or bug-related issue. The end result being that the blog is not up.  So I will likely be posting today’s post tomorrow, or as soon as I get this figured out!

Though it’s not all that inspired, I decided it would still be nice to write this post today about this interruption.  Truth is, it bothers me. It is messing with my routine! I don’t yet know what to do to fix the blog, but I’m too busy with other things to want to handle it right now. Where’s a good IT guy when you need one?

The answer: I should look into that for the future. Right now, I’m my IT guy 🙁

I’m making peace with it.  I’m also letting this awkward post about a website interruption be what it is.

That’s always been my philosophy with this blog.  That’s why I decided it would be okay to belatedly-post this, and break my “rule” of posting everyday.

This seems like a good opportunity to practice being flexible!

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