It is All Unfolding Perfectly

This morning, as I was taking a nice forty-five minute jog, I had a really good feeling. I wasn’t concerned about what the feeling meant. I wasn’t concerned about what action to take to “make use of it” or something. It just felt good, and I was content to enjoy it.

In fact, I have been feeling this inspiration for awhile now, over a week, to be specific. A sense of well-being, of excitement even. I haven’t had a clear plan yet of what to do about it, but there’s a sense of optimism and possibility about the future.

Later this morning I did some journalling about this feeling. I thought about two others times in my life where I felt this kind of easy-going alignment. In both cases, I was unconcerned and let things work themselves out naturally.

The first time was when I started teaching piano. I felt an inner “click” one day as I was sitting at a personal transformation workshop in San Francisco. The feeling was clarity that I could teach piano, that I could make money from it. It wasn’t something I had given much thought to before.

But in that moment, an avenue was born.

I didn’t force it. I didn’t push it.

About six months later, I signed up for my first piano teaching gig, working with a company that sent teachers to people’s homes in the East Bay, California. This gave me regular experience teaching, and while it didn’t feel like a huge career boon at the time, it was an important start.

Eventually, I found a good business mentor online who trained me in how to develop my own teaching business, which I did when I moved here to Sacramento. To date, most of my income has come from teaching piano.

So as it turned out, the original inspiration and clarity was right on!

The second time this happen was again at a workshop (yes, I suppose I am a workshop junkie at heart). I was hoping for clarity and empowerment around my music career goals. Instead, I felt this great sense of alignment around the thought of a wonderful romantic relationship. A long-term committed one.

I appreciated the insight, but didn’t give it much thought. Again, I wasn’t concerned. I just went about my life. Then, a year later, I met Charr. And here we are, after nearly thirteen years of being together, having been married for nearly nine of them, loving life.

In both instances, I received an inspiration, a moment of clarity which I can know look back on and say without a doubt, it was a turning point. Yet at the time, I simply enjoyed the inspiration, without worrying about it.

It goes to show that having a good feeling–so simple and modest in itself — can sprout and grow into great things. Maybe that’s why I’m so content with this latest inspiration. I know that with some time it will work itself out in perfect tangible ways.

I’ve experienced such thing a time or two.

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