Carving Out My Corner of the World

One thing I love about this blog is that it is my turf. I get to set the rules, I get to choose the subjects, I get to go on about whatever I want to go on about. It’s inherently satisfying, because, to put it perhaps inelegantly, it’s all about me.


I’m not sure if that makes it a great read for others! Yet this has always been a personal project, a self-serving vehicle for my own self-expression through writing. It’s never had to answer to any other motivation or agenda. In that sense, it’s been a great way to practice just liking myself 🙂

I think that’s very important, not just for me, but for everyone to do on their own, as well. As far as I can tell, no one likes us as much as we do. No one cares about what we care about as much as we do, or in exactly the way we care about it. No one gets us the way we do. Everyone else is too busy being themselves, focusing on themselves, doing what matters to them.

If you want to be satisfied, you gotta find a way to express, to honor, that you that is YOU inside. That point of view that is innate to you, and unique to you. How are you going to get that from anyone else?

And why should you have to? Relying on other people to please us, to fulfill us, to “make us happy”–what a recipe for unhappiness that is!

So while it may seem modest or simple, I like that I get to carve out my little corner of the world, live it and love it in the ways that I do, in my life and on this blog.

It feels smart. It feels effective.

And it matters to me.

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