Leave Everyone Else Out

None of you came forth with the intention of listening to anyone outside of you. Every one of you knew that life would cause you to expand, and that that expanded being would call you, and that when you go in the direction of that expansion that you would feel good. And you planned on leaving everyone else out of the equation. You really did!

Abraham-Hicks, in this Youtube recording

I just love this quote. I heard it this morning as I was eating breakfast. I’m pretty sure I have heard the entire recording (linked to above) many times before on a CD, but not for a few years.

The recording (and the above quote in particular) re-appeared at the perfect moment. I love the message because all too often in life, in times prior, I would get confused by the advice of other people. Clearly, I thought I needed to hear their opinion. Clearly, I thought it mattered.

It’s not that people’s opinions don’t matter. Yet I have learned that the only assured way to happiness is by listening to your own inner guidance. Other people usually are well-intending, but they just can’t know what feels best for you. Only you can do that.

It took a lot of life experience before I determined never again to ignore my own instincts.

The quote also goes further, saying in no uncertain terms that we don’t need to listen to anyone else. Ever. It’s our own guidance that matters.


I just love that.

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