Your Inner World, Made Visible to Others

Tonight I wanted to share some personal thoughts on what it means to me to write a blog. I haven’t exactly taken this tact on this topic before. I’m sort of going into teacher role. Here goes:

To write a blog post means to conjure up some thoughts that matter to you, to piece together something that in your estimation is of value. Since your estimation is all you got, fundamentally, blogging is about giving credit to your own thoughts.

“I think this is worth writing.” You are someone who thinks, and the blog is a way for you to spend time articulating those thoughts. It doesn’t matter what those thoughts are about, as long as it is important to you. Blogging is an inherent act of practicing self-esteem. Because you hold yourself in high enough esteem to press “Publish.”

We all have unique experiences in life. We see things uniquely. Our perspective has value. Blogging is a way to use the written word to transmit that perspective.

To write a blog post means to say YES to your current of thought. Hopefully, it helps you transcend normal thoughts of negativity and articulate something which is inspirational, educational, entertaining, or containing some other form of merit.

When you sit down to write a post, you say, “I can raise my thoughts up and to a level I want to deliver them to you.” It’s like getting the volleyball over the net. This is not about water cooler chit chat. This is about Inspiration, Joy, and Possibility.

The blog is the home for the dreamer to dream in his own special way, on his own terms. To write a blog post means to reach out and tug on that floating balloon that strikes your fancy and let it pull you into orbit. Your words are your record of what you observed up there.

A blog is a record of dreams, of visions, and of inspirations. It is hopes, and it requires release of fear. It is your present moment experience shared through words on a computer screen.

Your blog is your Inner World, made visible to others.

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