Sensitive Expressive Me

I’ve been enjoying doing this blog this month, by and large. It seems that I’m getting even more relaxed about expressing myself. That was definitely the purpose of doing the blog in the first place.

When I was younger, I was definitely not relaxed about sharing my thoughts. I admit, even in the past few years there have been times where the old machinery took over, and instead of speaking my mind openly and honestly, I withheld myself. This behavior has never helped me in the long run. If I stopped telling people what I was thinking, sooner or later I just withdrew completely, and left that situation behind. Ultimately, there are a lot of bridges I feel like I burned, or at least let decay from neglect, as a result of this.

That always sucked.

That’s partly why this blog has been such a miracle for me. I give myself carte blanche to speak my mind! Communication is a high priority for me now in all relationships…. even when writing online!

When I can express myself, I’m happy. Simple as that!

So thank you, MyHappinessObsession, for being such a good thing for the sensitive, espressive Me 🙂

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