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What Are You Appreciating? (Encore Edition)

I have come to really Appreciate the act of Appreciation. So I’m going to do some Appreciating right here for tonight’s blog post.

Here are ten things I’m Appreciating:

  • I appreciate this blog
  • I appreciate the fan that is cooling me down right now
  • I appreciate the bone broth that is filling me with yummy minerals and salt right now.
  • I appreciate my phone, which is charging next to my hands as I type
  • I appreciate collaborating with good people on fun creative projects
  • I appreciate the investment discussion meeting I am having on Saturday with others I meet with monthly… on Zoom, of course, these days
  • I appreciate my wife
  • I appreciate my mom
  • I appreciate good books to read
  • I appreciate running
  • I appreciate being able to write easy-to-do, fun blog posts like this on nights like tonight where this is all I’m up for.
  • I appreciate that I can break the “rules” and write TWELVE things I appreciate when I said I would only do 10! Yee haw!

Why do I love Appreciation so much? I have learned that Appreciation is a very strong vibration, akin to Love, Worthiness, Abundance, and Well-being. When you appreciate, you are giving off good energy, you are focused on things that feel good to you, and you are therefore attracting back good things. It’s a win-win-win all around.

So what are you appreciating?

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