MyHappinessObsession, I Love You!

Over the last year or so I have thought a lot about why I do this blog: what is it I’m hoping for, what is it I’m actually getting from it, what is satisfying, what are my secret wishes, etc. With the Corona Virus coming along and giving me whole new reasons to blog, I probably have an even longer list. But I haven’t necessarily fleshed out all of the reasons. I’d like to give it a try right now.

My goals, objectives, secret desires, and hopes about this blog (and whether I am achieving them):

  • Creative Liberation. Freedom to write AND share said writing. Overcoming perfectionism or any obstacles to being creatively productive. YES, I am absolutely achieving this.
  • A Vehicle for Creativity and Self-Expression. YES, YES, YES, This blog is absolutely that.
  • Freedom to Be Myself. Flying my freak flag! Being authentic, and loving myself, approving of myself. YES, I’m achieving this in spades.
  • A Place to Work out My Thoughts, Follow My Interests, whatever they are. From doing book reviews and writing about money to writing about the Law of Attraction, YES, I am definitely achieving this!
  • Extra Motivation to Keep a Positive Attitude. YES, absolutely getting this… and it’s even more valuable during the Lockdown. I feel that during the time of CV, this blog is helping me practice what I have been calling “Transcendental Optimism,” which basically means, “I’m keeping my head on straight no matter what, I’m choosing to look on the bright side no matter what, I’m always looking for things to appreciate, and I am optimistic that the world is going to get through this and be even BETTER when this is all over!”
  • Ability to Inspire Others. UM… I think so? People have definitely told me they are inspired by this. Yet oftentimes I don’t really know. I get likes on my shared posts on Facebook, but I don’t always get feedback. I know some people have told me they are inspired that I do this. But I often haven’t been exactly sure who is seeing this, or how I am impacting them.
  • A Vehicle for Greater Personal Success or Recognition. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care at all about popularity or success of my endeavors. Sometimes I feel a wee bit… um… self-conscious about writing this blog. “Shouldn’t I be trying to make money with this? Shouldn’t I have more readers/fans by now? Or shouldn’t I try to write a book at least out of all these posts?” Partly insecurity, partly desire for more. While it is nice to write these posts even if for a modest audience, that’s never been my long-term ambition. It was simply the path of least resistance.

So in summary, I listed 7 primary objectives:

  • Creative Liberation.
  • A Vehicle for Creativity and Self-Expression
  • Freedom to Be Myself.
  • A Place to Work out My Thoughts, Follow My Interests.
  • Extra Motivation to Keep a Positive Attitude.
  • Ability to Inspire Others.
  • A Vehicle for Greater Personal Success or Recognition.

I’d say I’m achieving the first five big time–HELL YEA I am. For the sixth one, it’s bit mixed, and the last one has not been a primary focus, but I admit, I do think about it. Sometimes it bugs me a bit, thinking I could make more out of this. It hasn’t stopped me from just going for it–there’s just too much I get out of this blog to worry about how “successful” it is in some worldly term–yet perhaps at some point I will be ready to bring it to the next level in that regard.

In the meantime, MyHappinessObsession, I love you!

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