My New Mid-Way Plan

So as I wrote yesterday, this month I’m trying something I haven’t done before: I’m going to blog four days per week.*

Before now, I’ve done all or nothing. Either I’ve blogged every day… for a whole year (longer, in fact)! Or I’ve done no blogging whatsoever.

Let’s look at each. All: blogging every day. Very interesting experience. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I just want to get it done. This was especially great in proving myself that I could do it for a whole year. Last month I got a lot out of blogging again, yet there were times that I felt fatigue. I began to ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”

And now for Nothing: not blogging. Basically, there’s no sense of growing. No expression (at least, not writing). When I wasn’t blogging at all there was a sense of missed opportunity.

On the other hand, it can be good for times when I am busy on other projects or need a breather from the constant posting.

To summarize:

All (ie Daily Blogging)New opportunity, sense of accomplishment, some posts are gems, creative expression, no brainer idiot-proof plan (post everyday no matter what!)Can get trying sometimes, always sharing
Nothing (ie No Blogging!)Good while working on other projects, not having to share alwaysNot expressing can feel lame if nothing else doing

So anyway, for this month, I’m gonna do something mid-way between the two. We shall see what happens!

*I realize this may seem like a silly thing to talk about. This being my blog, I get to discuss silly things if I think they are worth writing about (including talking about the process of blogging)!

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