Day 394: Always Fishin’ for Alignment (Original Rhyme)

Alignment.  It's my intention every day
To get in its way, yet sometimes to my dismay
I seem to hold it at bay, what can I say?
I'm practicing molding the clay, so it's okay.

Alignment. I'm the Creator
of my life, hopefully not a hater
Hopefully not Darth Vader bringing
trouble and strife, no thanks, see you later!

Alignment. Sometimes my thoughts need
refinement, not sure where my mind went
But in time I'll get it, so I don't regret any
time spent in a resigned bent.

Alignment. Every day anew
I get to choose which point of view
I'm going to use. Is it satisfaction
or abuse? I'll give you a clue:

Alignment. It's my first desire
To aim ever higher, until I'm a high-flyer
Arms that never tire because I'm aligned
with that eternal spirit and inner fire called

Alignment. Chasing a rainbow
Like the children, cuz they know
how to play, so happy with a great glow
They haven't lost their way, no, they stay so in

Alignment. It's my religion and only
ambition, I'm a man on a mission
As I envision all that I'm wishin'
comes into fruition, I'm always fishin' for

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