Day 346: A Big Mind is Open!

Chris, we know that you are feeling a little disconnected right now, so we are going to write this for you.

Everything that happens in your life happens for a reason. Would you want any of the previous experiences that you considered “bad” at the time not to happen, so that you couldn’t learn from them and get the lessons that made you who you are today?

No, I’m not saying that, but I still can get annoyed sometimes when things don’t go the way I want them. Haha.

Yes, that is normal. Yet it also is because you are judging the situation as if it shouldn’t happen the way it did. Things don’t always go “your way,” but that’s because of the tendency to have expectations. This goes wrong all the time for people, as they impose expectations of how other people should behave and then make those people wrong for not meeting their expectations. Yet who is the one imposing the faulty expectation? Who is the person getting upset? Is this really about someone else, or is it about your faulty expectations?

Okay, you got a good point. I probably have faulty expectations. But I didn’t like how this one person acted. I wished they had handled things differently. But you are absolutely right: me judging them for it only makes my present moment miserable. It does nothing to change the situation, and I basically punish myself, and that’s the only thing that occurs!

Okay, I’m letting that go! I feel better.

Good. What you are doing is letting go of an expectation, and a judgment. You are no longer drinking the “poison” of judging the situation instead of accepting it as it is. Do you see?

Yes, I see. That is remarkable. Thank you.

Thank you also for helping to write this post, because I was sitting here, conscious of being frustrated, and I wasn’t feeling receptive to some good idea. So this strange conversation between some part of me and another part of me will do the trick 🙂

That is good. This can definitely benefit people, as they see that you are open to your “inner guidance,” the inspiration, or your imagination, whatever you want to call your ability to tune into a different consciousness or mood than the one you were originally conscious of.

Right. And that is quite useful, because the mood I was conscious of was just annoyed! And where would that get us? Now I feel calmer, and I can laugh at it and see the absurdity of holding a judgment about how things “should be.” And it’s very interesting to see how, when we get upset at things not going “our way,” we really are judging the world, as if it is supposed to cooperate with our mind’s view of things, instead of accepting it as it is! That’s just crazy.

Many people live as if that is how life should be, repeatedly clinging to their opinions and views. Yet since life will just not conform to those views, they can end up making their world smaller and smaller, to stay the size that seems to conform to their opinions. Which is not that big.

A big mind is open!

That is great advice. Thank you for that!

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