Day 286: Clear the mind of Self-Judgment

One thing that I am getting clear on is how judgmental I have been of myself. In fact, for most of my life (since probably age 11), I have frequently tormented myself with judgments. Needless to say, I am committed now to ending this bad habit, as I now recognize the power of my own focus. The fact is, I don’t have to do that anymore, and that feels good!

So the answer is to get present when that stuff happens, and then sit back… and do nothing. It can be so tempting to indulge in the nonsense, get lost in the melee. But it just leads nowhere good. Having tried it for many decades, I can say with great confidence, self-judgment leads nowhere good!

Instead, what I want to do is to focus on Worthiness. I wish to feel great, to feel alive, and at ease, joyful and ready to receive fun new experiences and good times. I wish to laugh, and bask, and enjoy myself (I have found that it is hard to do any of these things when you are judging yourself!)

Positive mental attitude, as Norman Vincent Peale put it, includes having a positive attitude about yourself. You are doing the best you can. You are the way you are for a reason. No doubt you are doing many things well. The things that haven’t been so easy, well no doubt there is a purpose or larger value in the process. Try not to judge yourself!

One pitfall that I have fallen into again and again is comparing myself to others. This is no doubt one of the leading causes of self-judgment! I’m working on changing that. Again, it is about getting present, not doing the automatic negative thinking that leads nowhere good.

We are all capable of this. It takes commitment, attention, and desire… to feel good!

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