Day 231: Only think about what lights you up

On the topic of attraction, I am becoming incredibly clear that it doesn’t matter so much what the topic is we think about as it does how we feel about the topic that we think about. Like my example yesterday of ice cream, you could have any one topic, and people could vary widely in how they feel about that topic. In the end, it seems that it boils down to one of two things: either you feel good when you think of that topic, or you don’t.

If you feel good thinking about the topic, then, by all means, live it up! Revel in that topic, think about it in great detail. Enjoy it, bask in it, and milk it for all its worth! Because when you think about that topic, you are practicing thoughts of joy, satisfaction, ease, and fulfillment. Congratulations: you are attracting more good things to you!

On the other hand, if you are feeling bad when you think about that topic, it seems best to proceed with caution. For me, it is helping to do a lot of reflecting. The more I understand my own thinking, the more I am identifying the thought patterns that didn’t feel good. This is giving me access to choice, ultimately, the ability to choose my thoughts. These days I usually minimize thinking about things that don’t feel good.

So on this blog, I tend to either write about things that do feel good, or write in very general terms about the things that don’t, or I write about what I’m learning about these principles from examining these topics. I write in great detail about things like running, intermittent fasting, doing shows, being creative, writing at the cafe, reading books, watching movies, investing, money management, and of course the Law of Attraction. Hopefully, the reason I do this is now obvious: because these topics feel good for me!

It is all about practicing alignment. It is all about focusing on things that are easy, satisfying, fulfilling, enjoyable. I am making my life about this, and I am seeing positive results.

The point I’m also trying to make here is that the topics that work for my probably won’t all work for you, or to the same extent. You may have completely different topics that light you up. It is possible that for you, the topics I listed might seem unpleasant, disagreeable, or just plain boring!

The solution is to find your own topics that feel good!

What lights you up? What do you enjoy thinking about? What is satisfying for you? What makes you enthused? That is where to go.

In my experience as a teacher, coach, as well as human being, I have observed that all too often people can get caught up in the particulars of seeing what other people are doing. When they try to apply those same behaviors to themselves, they end up confused. “This person says doing such-and-such is the way to go… I should listen to them.” “Well, they are so good at doing that thing, it is making them happy, maybe I should try to be like that.”

I have done this enough to tell you with complete confidence, if you wish to be happy, this type of “shoulding” on yourself is not the way to go!

So yes, I might write about investing, or playing piano for people, or what-have-you.

In my opinion, you should only follow suit if these things light you up, too 😉

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