Day 205: The Curtain (original rhyme)

I don’t feel like writing a whole lot tonight, so here is a rhyme I wrote a few years back that I’ve always liked:

“The Curtain”
You’re tall and chique, a cloth that reaches
From the top of the room to the bottom in a heap
Your cost ain’t cheap, your allure mysterious,
So fascinating for the curious
Inside the house, you define elegance,
With bedtime relevance for love-struck residents
Who get busy where you gracefully hang
Witness the romance in the chamber they bang
On the stage you’re the frame, a magic doorway
To a world made of mermaids and sword play
The promise of fantasy enchants the whole crowd
waiting for the show, the hall’s full now
with anticipation, it’s on their faces
Every man woman and child who gazes
At the plush linen, wondering what’s about to
Come from within them, they must witness what’s behind the

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