Day 203: Onward into the Night!

It’s Friday night. 7:17pm reads my computer. In about 30 minutes, my wife and I are going to head over to the Comedy Spot, where I will be performing with the “You! the Musical” Comedy Troupe: we will be improvising an entire musical for a live audience. FUN!

My dinner fresh in my tummy—asparagus, turkey, and cheese slices–I sit down to write this post. Thoughts of tonight’s rehearsal at the high school in Elk Grove are fresh on my mind–I was singing the lead number a few minutes ago as I got dressed for the comedy gig. Tomorrow I go back to the high school for rehearsal: we will be starting to run through the show start to finish. I look forward to it.

For reasons that are still a bit puzzling, during the first part of today I found it hard today to shake a negative head space. It only finally left once I started working with the kids for the high school rehearsal. I find that teaching usually clears my head. After all, I can’t stay in my head when I teach. It is all about serving others. I am grateful tonight for how today’s appointment helped me get into a more cheerful headspace.

Sometimes my mind puzzles me. I am so grateful for the progress I have made in these past few months with becoming aware of my mindset. It has really been awesome to gain a sense of leverage over my thoughts. At the same time, sometimes the old negative programs can seem overwhelming. They can get going, and then it can seem like I am at their mercy for awhile. Sigh.

And yet, I persevere! I continue learning, I continue studying, I continue paying attention. As a result, I remain optimistic about my ability to focus my mind continually into alignment with good-feeling thoughts!

I am looking forward to tonight’s comedy improv performance. It shall be a creative romp. All I know is that a) I am awesome at what I do at the piano, b) I shall listen well to the cast for inspiration during the show, c) I always have fun. These will surely make for a good time!

All in all, a not-so-pleasant start to the day has ended quite joyfully with a successful musical rehearsal, a nice meal with my wife, and the promise of a fun comedy show.

Onward into the night!

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