Day 185: When Life Seems Hard (poem)

When life seems hard, what can you do?
How can you keep a truer view?
How can you keep your dreams alive
When thoughts of darkness seem to thrive?
How can you focus on the bliss
When try or no, you seem to miss?

Yet let me tell you this, my friend
You do not know this story's end
You do not know that you have lost
No matter what you think the cost
No matter how you think this goes
These are but temporary woes

Do not despair, there's more to see
More adventures come to Thee
These false appearances, they lie
And opposition passes by
And happy times will come again
So trust that you are blessed, my friend!

Calmly know that all is well
And you have but begun your tale!
Greatest triumphs wait for you
And such amazing things you'll do!
No matter how you struggle now
I wish to offer you this vow

That one day you will see yourself
In bravest light and grandest health
And you will know just who you are
Brighter than a shining star
Until that day, have faith, stay strong,
For you were perfect all along!

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