Day 182: Does it Spark Joy?

Oh yeah. You best believe it. I’m a fan of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up Show on Netflix. She is such a refreshing, positive joy-bringer that I find myself happily entranced just by watching her. Even more, I am LITERALLY using what I see on that show to change how I organize my things.

So far, my clothes have seen the most improvement: a few weeks ago, my wife and I gave away four bags of clothes that we no longer wanted. Even more so, my new method of folding my clothes has been a true game changer: nowadays when I look in my drawer or on my clothes shelf it’s a whole new experience.

The idea of being organized has always appealed to me. Marie Kondo’s method is just so… joyous that I can’t help but be enrolled. To be fair, we had her book in our house for several years, and I never read it. So it was on my radar. Watching the show gave me the gumption to start the latest project of organizing my home stuff.

The larger point here that I love so much about the konmari method is that it is all about joy. That is very much similar to the Law of Attraction discussions that I have been having. Abraham-Hicks discusses the very same concepts of doing what brings you joy. Marie Kondo has a very elegant sparkle that embodies the joyful philosophy so nicely that you don’t even have to understand what she’s saying to feel it.

At the same time, it’s really cool to see how she helps families tidy up. Because it’s not really about having a clean room, a clean kitchen, or a clean home. It’s about aligning your space with your ideal self. Where does this person want to live? What is the space that fits THAT? And is not that space joyful above all? I hope so!

So again, a good question to ask, in your home organizing and in your life, whenever you are considering whether something is right for you, is “Does it spark joy?” Because if the answer is Yes, how can you go wrong?

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