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Day 158: A Tale of Two Kitties

He crouches on the ground, watching for movement, awaiting something to chase after, jump on, or claw at. Suitable candidates include: a flash of light on the wall, a moving foot or waving hand, or her.

She sits on the bed, stationary in her spot, which she will stay at for as long as possible. Moving around is mostly by the necessity, since she frequently wants food, water, or to go to the bathroom.

He seems unconcerned about food: he grazes or licks at it on his own time and in an easy-going manner. There always seems to be leftover in his bowl or on his plate.

She has an internal clock which starts buzzing at 5:30am and 4:30pm which says “Feed me right now! And it doesn’t matter if you are ready or not, I want food!” She runs around frantically before being fed. We feed her less than him, yet she’s the overweight one.

He is interested in every new thing or person who enters the house, and everything that is going on. He joins us in the kitchen when we are in there, or at the dining table when we are sitting. He is companionable on his own terms.

Her daily routine seems to have little to do with us or with what is going on: await food, then sleep on bed (or other comfortable chair or couch), get up to drink water or go to the bathroom. Generally enjoy being pet when offered. Every day: repeat process.

He can be found lounging at any spot in the house including: on the ground, in a new box, in an old box, on a chair, on a bag or backpack, inside a coat, on the clothes washer, on the printer, or really anywhere that he wishes. He is creative in his choices, and continually seems interested in trying out new places to sleep.

She picks her spot, usually a soft couch, chair or the bed, and stays there every day, and though she may choose a new spot now and then, her basic pattern is predictable.

He seems motivated by curiosity, she by security.

He doesn’t mind being picked up, or having a blanket dropped on his head and being played with. He can go into playful fighting mode in an instant. He seems to thrive on adversity, equally comfortable with playing, fighting, or being affectionate (although, again, this is always on his terms!).

She freaks out easily and routinely, hisses quite even when we walk by her, and gets agitated when we pick her up. She doesn’t play well with others.

He may, jump on your lap, but if you try to pet him, he usually will bite or claw at you, unless he is in the mood for being pet (Did I mention that it is always on his terms?!)

To her credit, she is a wonderful cuddler and pet-me cat.

They are our pets. We love them. And they couldn’t be more different.

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