Day 124: Just Another Day (original poem)

“Just Another Day”

Just another day begins much like the old

With the same luminescence of silver and gold.

With the same bounty of light-giving sun

Celestial parent to every One.

The same sounds I’ve often heard before,

Angelic choirs  singing the score.

The same feel of the morning dew

With a cool chill that refreshes anew.

The same birds move about, catching the eye,

The same clouds in a pregnant sky.

The same hopes and dreams of each person alive

With the same unlimited potential to thrive.

Yes, it’s just another day, a miracle day

Yet something is different,  I’m humbled to say

That today is the first day I truly see

All of these miracles in front of me.

Before my vision had been wrong,

Blind to the miracles here all along.

Now I see only joy and mirth

Just another day here in Heaven on Earth.






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