Day 65: Reaching for Satisfaction (Part 3)

When you are alive, and you are alive if you are reading this (obviously), there is only one thing you need to do to be happy:  follow what satisfies you.  Move towards things that feel good to you.  Stay away from things that don’t.  Become a vibrational snob.  Like the cat who licks the jelly and then scowls, shaking its head quickly and sneezing to get the foul taste out of its mouth, you should try to look only for those things that please you… and toss aside the things that don’t.

I’m not saying to toss aside people who you don’t like.  I am saying to focus on what feels good, and maximize that.  And whatever doesn’t feel satisfying, take this as sacred input.  This is your inner self trying to guide you, trying to tell you where you are off point, and to try to get you to listen so you can make adjustments.  If being with someone or working with someone or even being really close to someone is not satisfying, if it is hurting you to the core in some way that is giving no larger benefit, then that is something that you should look at if you want to be happy 🙂  If you don’t, and if you stay in that situation or with that person without examining what is not working, then you tolerate your own suffering.  And what good does that do?

How exactly is suffering a good thing for you, for the people around, and for humanity?  How is that serving anybody?  I don’t think it is.  I think it serves people for you to be happy, to identify what pleases you, and maximize that in your life.  Yes, I’m even saying, if eating chocolate cake pleases you, eat all the cake you want…. but don’t be surprised if, after you eat all that cake, you develop a stomach ache.  You may get sick from too much cake, and then you will have a new desire.  And maybe in the future you won’t want cake so much, or you won’t want so much cake.

Every time you go for what you think you want, you will learn something, even if you learn that you don’t exactly want what you first thought. Choosing what you want to choose will help you define what it is you actually want.  You may think, at first, that you want all the cake in the world.  But once you have all-you-can-eat access to cake, it may not seem like it is so all-important.  You might appreciate a salad, a seltzer water, or a fast.

I heard a long time ago, “obedience is not creation.” If you are to be a happy, expansive being, then your own sense that you are creating you life is very important.  If all you are doing is depriving yourself of things you want, denying yourself, and limiting yourself, you may be missing out on the many wonderful benefits of being alive, including: learning from failure and mistakes, going for things you think you want but then realizing differently, and even having too much cake!

Reaching for satisfaction is, above all else, about letting yourself trust your instincts.  You will be better off with whatever the result when you do than if you give up your choice-making to please another, or deprive yourself of making the choice that you actually wanted to make.  Please yourself, make the choice that pleases you, even if after trying it you realize there is a better to choice to make.  That’s what being alive really ought to be about.  It ought to be about going for it, going for what draws you, not denying yourself anything, trying it out, seeing what you think, adjusting, and then going from there.


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