Day 53: More of Ye Original “Shakespearian” Poetry

Tonight I am going to share some more “Shakespearian” poetry I wrote awhile ago (I also shared some a few weeks ago).  These verses are in iambic pentameter, Shakespeare’s verse structure of choice:

“The Mother” (4/27/14)
She lets her children trod upon her breast
The little tykes disturbing where she lies
Each one to her is such a welcome guest
She does not make them stop despite her sighs.
Her unconditional affection rests
Despite their constant need for her attention
Despite their ceaseless bothersome requests
There is no need for help or intervention.
She is happiest when burdened thus
Connected with her babies always near
That even though she seems to make a fuss
It is the thing that gives her greatest cheer.
The truth is that it’s not at all a bother
It is a joy for her, the loving Mother!

“The Forest Fire” (3/4/14)
When long my mind is weary and abused
With hurried thoughts that push and pull and shove
And leave me feeling trampled and misused
I think upon a blessed subject: Love.
For though I know the chaos may ensue
For moments, even hours without cease
I keep my eyes upon the blessed hue
Of loving sunshine, designating peace.
And therein lies the hope of joy returned
Which fills me with the faith to rest at ease
And trust my wounds will heal wherever burned
These fires will allow new growth of trees.
Which lets me know just how much I am blessed
By this perception that I have of strain
For it renews my purpose in this quest
To find my inner joy, transmuting pain.
And so no matter how this may seem hard
A greater strength will come from being scarred.

“The Picture of Success” (4/14/14)
Success today though no big trophies won
No accolades or raucous cheers from fans
No triumphs manifesting all my plans
Yet I enjoyed my time out in the sun.
The change was subtle yet distinctly strong
The chance to share my music with the crowd
A simple joy to sing and play aloud
the dream I had envisioned all along.
I sense the inner mastery I’ve sought
For all these years of cultivating skill
The ultimate empowerment of will
Transforming inwardly by act of thought.
And with the grace experienced today
I know myself as able to direct
My focused thought to get what I expect
Because I shape my thoughts to lead the way.
Though on the outside this may not impress
To me it is the picture of success!

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