Day 47: Out and About with My Podcast!

So today I recorded my latest episode for the Artist Mindset Podcast at the HFA Print Gallery, a gallery here in Sacramento for fine art prints (Full disclosure: my wife also happens to show some of her prints here).  Recording the podcast here was a new experience for me: It is the 11th episode of the podcast, but the first “on location” and using video.  This presented interesting problems to solve, from how to set up the phone camera on the tripod to get a good angle for us all the way to what exactly I wanted to shoot footage of.

I enjoy shooting video (and editing the resulting footage into a finished creation), as I have created numerous music-related videos, from music videos of songs I wrote to piano lesson videos.  Today’s experience was an interesting challenge, as I got to expand my usual podcasting role from “host” and “chief audio engineer” to also play “camera crew” and “cinematographer.”  Overall, it was a lot of fun!

I love getting to try new things.  As a creative artist, I many roles, including:

(On the music side) pianist, accompanist, showman, MC, band front-man, rock keyboardist, rapper, singer, melodica player, musical director, vocal director, church musician, music teacher, piano teacher, performance coach, songwriter, composer, arranger, and “local TV celebrity talent.”

(On other creative sides) blogger, marketer, emailer, website designer, photographer, salesman, administrator, CEO of my business, flyer deliverer, and phone call maker (and probably many  more that I haven’t thought of!).

This is probably normal for anybody who is either a creative artist or who runs their own business.  You where many hats as a creative, I can tell you that.

Today I had fun trying on a few relatively new hats.  This blog, and the Artist Mindset Podcast, are both about experimenting and creative expression.  Wearing new hats comes with the territory!

I love to feel a sense of expansion.  Learning new things is a way of doing that.  I have never been one to sit in one place musically or creatively.  It’s not about having to “the best” at these things, it’s about being willing to try things out.  I know that if I want a professional who really gets the job done well, I hired a professional.  My blog, as with my podcast, are sort of guerrilla-style projects.  I don’t need them to be perfect.  Doing it myself gives me the flexibility and the freedom to get it done at this point.

Another thing I really like about doing the podcast in particular is getting to make new friends.  Today’s episode will have been the 5th interview.  Each interview has been a great way to connect with new people, and to connect around art and creativity… and what could be better!

On a side note: I find it interesting that I am choosing to write about this instead of the “Higher Self” posts that have been taking up my attention the last few days.  This is no doubt because I was genuinely inspired by today’s podcasting experience.  I aim to come from an inspired place when I write my daily posts, whether that be a description of my day, some other topic, or “channelled” material from Ye Old Higher Self.


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