The Spiritual Currency of Being Paid for Our Art

As artists, we are blessed to have a unique vision of the world.  We take that sensitivity and translate it into our music, our painting, our poetry, our plays, our graffiti, our novels.  Very often for us, the thrill of being alive is attained through the ongoing exploration of our art.  What will we create next?  What will we pull from the ether, giving birth to a new design, concept, or work that has literally never breathed before in this Universe?

Along the way, the money we earn validates that we are on the right path.

Personally, I have done a whole gamut of music-related jobs: from accompanying children at community theater to music tutoring, performing at retirement homes, playing in a tribute band and piano teaching.  Every single one has helped me grow as an artist while taking care of my bottom line financially.  In this process, I have not only made money, I have also been on an ongoing process of learning and creation.  I love gaining new experiences: whether it was the first 1000+ audience I performed for playing with the tribute band, or playing piano in an orchestra for a high school production of Mary Poppins, or teaching my group piano classes.  New experiences, new inspirations, learning more and more about the art of performance or how music is put together, this thrills me. I love it.  And to get paid for it at the same time is GOLD!

I can recall back when I started doing a regular piano accompaniment gig for an opera singer at his vocal studio.  This was a few years ago, and I went in several times a week.  I remember getting my first check: for $300, for two evenings of work.  I felt like I had struck it rich.  Not because I thought it was so much money, but because I felt like the universe was giving me spiritual currency.  I felt like it was giving me a tithe, a sort of validation of who I was as a musician.  It meant that I could ACTUALLY do what I loved and get paid for it.

That particular gig was a turning point for me, and I never looked back.  My income has been 100% artist related for over nine years.  These days, I guess I don’t often think about it, but often when people will ask me about my business, and I tell them that I’m a musician and run a piano studio, they often are impressed because they get that I’m living on my art.  “You’re really doing it,” I often hear.  “I guess I am,” I say, though to me, the patchwork of gigs and the students who have comprised my income for quite a few years now is far from the dreamed of easy fame and fortune I fantasized about when I set out to have my music career.

These people are probably seeing what I am not seeing:  that I really am walking this path.  It may not all be easy, yet the universe is supporting me with the currency to keep me following the dream.  The physical results of money support me on the spiritual quest of following my artist destiny.

Because the path comes first.  The money comes afterward, it joins me as I take the ride.  It’s like deciding you want to drive somewhere, then going and getting the gas to get there.  The money is not the destination.  Yet without it, the car wouldn’t start. 

Let’s have respect for our money.  Our money is spiritual currency given to us by the Universe, validating that our efforts as artists are valuable.  It is the answer to our prayers.

Be grateful!  Be blessed!  Be abundant!  The universe will reward us for our efforts.  Every dollar we make is not only a deposit into our bank accounts, it is a deposit into our spiritual creative souls.  For we have shown ourselves that we are making our dreams work.

That is a blessing.

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