Why this is incredibly stupid… (Don’t try this at home!)

Hello there!

Okay, first things first.  By writing this post, exactly 23 minutes after my last post (actually, I’m just guessing), I am breaking an unofficial rule of bloggers everywhere (that I just made up):

Thou shalt not ignore your blog for almost an entire year and then attempt to earn back your credibility with your neglected internet audience (even if they don’t exist) by posting multiple times in one day.  That is blasphemy!

Guilty as charged, Your Honor.  In a fit of enthusiasm, I have decided to write more than one post today.  Perhaps it’s because I am actually feeling like doing it now, instead of anytime in the past 10 months.

That is blasphemy!  Thou shalt be struck down by aggravating blows to the head by many Nerf footballs.

Your Honor, I beg of you.  Please spare me this dire consequence!  My sensitive brain cells, already overflowing as they are, might not easily survive such an attack!

It has been decided.  You will be struck by many of these Nerf footballs.  Over 25 in fact.

Oh, Your Honor!  If that is the case, then I shall resign myself to my fate.  I shall prepare for my punishment by pretending to wear a football helmet, just to show you how very scared…

<pelt to the head!>


<pelt to the head!>


<pelt to the head!>

This is kind of fun…

<many more pelts to the head>

<and then our beleaguered protagonist sits reflecting on his cruel and unusual punishment>


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