Day 110: Leaning Towards Relief

I’m very upset right now.

We know you are, Chris! You are holding yourself in a lower vibration, one where you are the victim 🙂

Okay, fine. Fine, maybe so! I’m frustrated!

And why is that?

Because circumstances are really uncomfortable right now.

And why is that?

Because they aren’t what I want them to be! Okay, I laughed at that.

Yes, so circumstances are uncomfortable because they are not what you want them to be, and you feel uncomfortable and… how?

Irritated. Annoyed. Frustrated. Really frustrated. Aggggggh.

Okay, so, and what have you been focused on that is making you uncomfortable and frustrated and all those things?

Things that annoy me. Things that aren’t the way I want them.

So, basically you are focused on what you don’t want?

Yes. I guess so. Sigh. Dammit.

And say again how that feels?

Sucky. Really sucky. Stupid and sucky! Dang it. At least I’m chuckling now.

Yes, well you are coming along with us toward a more positive direction. You are on the trail. What is it you want right now? How does that feel?

Well, I guess I want to feel good. I want to feel safe. I want to feel positive and satisfied. I want to feel at ease. And I want to feel solid and secure.

Instead of…?

Not that. Instead of insecure and uncomfortable.

Now, and where do you think that feeling of security comes from? From your circumstances being the way you want them?

Well, probably not. Probably it comes from me being less reactive to circumstances. By focusing on something that feels better. I haven’t done a great job of that today! Sigh.

Okay, and is that what you want? To focus on something that feels better?

Sure. Yes. I do. Yes. It is far preferable. Um, I can feel the resistance, the “yeah but” going on in my thoughts. But, I shall just breathe through it and let it dissipate.

And how does that feel instead?

Um, well, it feels slightly calmer, you know, a bit of relief. Thoughts are still swirling but I am glad to be leaning towards relief.

That’s what it’s about!

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