Day 154: Peace Will Find It’s Way In (Rhyme)

"Peace will Find It's Way In"

Sometimes life just seems so crazy,
Like I can't see straight, it all seems so hazy,
And the extent of the confusion's amazing,
But I try not to let this stuff phase me.
Even after my brain starts to say things
That are worse than a mental patient raving
I know my peace of mind is worth the saving
So I wait it out while it's not behaving.
I stay patient cuz I'm busy pre-paving
the way for great things awaiting
A clear mind state that I'm creating
Every time I stop with the hating
and start appreciating.  So part the way
for this empowered part I'm playing
Everyday in all ways I'm gaining
in skill, training my abilities to heal,
the facility is real.  So even if my brain be zany,
giving me strange pains beyond explaining,
No I'm not blaming, In fact, I'm claiming
that I'm creator of every thought I'm entertaining.
So mainly with this rhyme I'm saying
That it's okay if my mind is not obeying
Because I know those thoughts won't stay and
Before long peace will find it's way in.

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